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Nautilus Tower

The new Nautilus Tower from Outdoor Ventures offers a unique opportunity for people of all ages across the spectrum of mobility to reach new heights.

The Tower complements existing attractions, as well new developments, with an accessible way for any visitor to climb to a height of up to 121′ feet and enjoy the view.

Whether situated among the trees, by the seaside or in an urban area, the Nautilus Tower offers an inclusive experience for recreation, education and observation.

Key Features:

  • Simplified construction with streamlined fabrication and construction times.
  • ADA accessible ramp plus a staircase that can be used for access and fitness.
  • Small footprint with low-to-no soil disturbance and no guy wire hazards.
  • Modular with optional features and add-ons to serve your specific audience.
  • Revenue-generating opportunities through sponsorship partners, advertising placement or rental as a cell tower.

About Outdoor Ventures

Outdoor Ventures built its first commercial ropes park consisting of over 170 elements at Catamount Ski Resort in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and was an immediate success.

Outdoor Ventures has since designed and built over 40 ropes parks, some as large as 300+ elements, including via-ferratas, children’s adventure playgrounds and other types of climbing venues experienced and enjoyed by millions of people.

Currently, Outdoor Ventures operates five high-performing parks under The Adventure Park brand, with locations in New York, Connecticut, Virginia and Tennessee. The park located at Virginia Beach, Virginia is the largest ropes park in the world with over 330 elements and a capacity of 1,400 participants per day.

Operating its own large parks, Outdoor Ventures understands how the design and construction are imperative in making a ropes park a success. And with its unique background and knowledge, Outdoor Ventures has been able to provide the public the ability to self-discover the adventure experience and gain their self confidence and leadership skills, as well as benefiting physically and emotionally.

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