Designing, building and operating an Adventure Park requires research, planning, knowledge, creativity, and experience.


A successful Adventure Park begins with a thorough understanding of the location and related conditions. Experience has shown us what locations make for promising operations as well as related variables that may apply. We research, site-visit, analyze, explore, meet the community and seek a thorough understanding before we commit to build.


Adventure Parks may seem simple at first blush, but all those “ropes in the trees” represent considerable and detailed planning. Location arrangements, thoughtful design, environmentally-friendly construction, staffing, marketing and day-to-day management are the planning elements we orchestrate.


We take great pride in in the quality of our Adventure Parks’ construction. As part of our message is to encourage the public enjoyment of the outdoors, every one of our Parks is designed and constructed to operate in harmony with nature. Our construction teams are highly experienced aerial builders who appreciate the outdoors and live to work in the treetops. Our materials are of the first quality. The forests we manage benefit from thoughtful care.


People truly make the difference. We spend a lot of time and effort on training our Park employees using safety training methods by Aerial Adventure Academy. We’ve operated Adventure Parks since 2009 and there is definitely an “OV approach” to doing things here. We are fanatical about customer service and promoting a safe climbing experience. And we are honored to provide employment in the communities in which we operate. Many of our seasonal employees return to us year after year.


Aerial adventure parks are a unique recreational activity in the United States. Managing an Adventure Park requires specialized expertise. So we seek out individuals possessing skills and backgrounds specifically complementary to managing our Adventure Parks and supplement that with training unique to this business. Our national corporate operations are staffed by seasoned professionals who oversee our Parks, maintaining standards and operational consistency.


We know that once someone climbs at an OV Adventure Park they are brimming with excitement and become our best salespeople. Not only do they want to come back, they tell their friends and family about it too. Marketing is the key to getting them to visit that first time. So Outdoor Ventures spends considerable time and effort on advertising and public relations in all media suitable to reaching out to future climbers. We make extensive use of the Internet and Social Media. We also use TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, direct mail, outdoor displays, trade and community shows, and a variety of collateral materials including flyers, brochures and rack cards.


Adventure Parks are a specialized business requiring specialized equipment. The technologies in this field are constantly evolving with exciting new products. OV Adventure Parks are fortunate in that Outdoor Ventures also owns an equipment division, Ropes Park Equipment, that researches, tests and sells some of the safest and best, selected from Europe and the United States. Having this division conveniently within our fold is part of our secret behind building and operating first class Adventure Parks.