A Life-Changing Experience 

It all began simply enough on a family vacation in Switzerland.

American entrepreneur and builder, Bahman Azarm, was visiting his old high school for a reunion and brought his family along. He had long shared the Swiss fondness for hiking and climbing and the outdoors so when an old schoolmate invited him and his family to come to an “adventure park” his curiosity was piqued and off they went for their first “climb” at an adventure park.

Bahman, naturally, tackled the more challenging aerial trails of the adventure park and his wife also easily joined the fun. But when he noticed his young daughter discover herself as she navigated the adventure park’s aerial trails, problem-solving and attempting challenging things she had never done before, he was impressed. Previously she had not been particularly outdoorsy or athletic. But there was something about the adventure park that “clicked” leading her to discover her more adventurous side. The adventure park changed her life. Dad noticed.

Bringing a Big Idea to the USA 

And it changed Bahman’s life too. He returned home determined to bring this fun and near magical experience to the USA to draw American families away from their TV sets and computers and venture outside together for a new kind of healthy recreation. The entrepreneur had found a new adventure.

In 2008 he formed Outdoor Venture Group, LLC (aka “Outdoor Ventures” or “OV”) to design and build Swiss style adventure parks in the USA. And over the course of the next half dozen years, OV built dozens of them for a variety of clients across the nation. Ski resorts, especially, saw it as a natural spring-to-autumn complement for what had previously been their off-season.

In time “OV the builder” realized that operating several of its own parks gave it the A-to-Z expertise to be “OV the developer and operator.” The family of The Adventure Parks of Outdoor Ventures sets industry standards from initial concept of designing and building, to systems for hiring and training staff to highly effective park management techniques.

OV’s Natural Philosophy 

“The Adventure Parks of Outdoor Ventures are committed to promoting active enjoyment of the outdoors.  Guests are encouraged to challenge themselves and succeed, building self-confidence and gaining lasting memories.  The fun physical activities promote good health and encourage camaraderie among peers, family, and friends.”

Outdoor Ventures seeks to do the above using friendly environmental practices employing sustainable materials and practices.

While all The Adventure Parks of Outdoor Ventures are designed and operated to company-wide standards and shared customer experiences, each location is also unique to its place and community and works in concert with the natural environment there.

Each Park’s design is first informed by Mother Nature, as Bahman and his design team follow the natural flow of the forest to map out the aerial trails and facilities. 

Then comes forest management — preparing a healthy forest. Healthy trees are critical to The Adventure Park. 

Construction practices and materials are also eco-sensitive. Platforms and other installations employ tree-friendly methods and materials.

Once the Park is in operation we seek to continue as good stewards of the environment and responsible guides to the public in their enjoyment of the beauty and fun to be found in a climb in the forest of The Adventure Parks of Outdoor Ventures.